Safety Shears – 18cm



Large stainless steel safety shears with a safety tip and a bright handle, in your choice of red, blue, yellow, green or pink. You definitely won’t lose these!

We have tried and tested these thoroughly, cutting many lengths of rope and we approve 😀

Also autoclavable.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 18cm x 9cm

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Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 1 cm

+ Fragrance (leave choice at the checkout), 2-3 colour layers, 4-5 colour layers, Aubergine, Aubergine and Blood Red layers, Aussie Gold – UV Green and Gold swirl, Bees, Black, Black bag, Black with Blue Shimmer, Black, Blue, UV Purp, UV Orange, UV White layers, Blood Red and Stone White layered, Blood Red and UV Green mix, Blood Red covered in Shimmering Gold, Blood Red Inner / True Black Shell, Blood Red with Stone White mixed, Bloodshot, Blue, Blue and White Marbled, Blue bag, Bone White, Bunnies and Squirrels, Bunny bag, Classical Geisha, Dark Blood Red, Dark Green, Dark Teal, Deep Blue and True Black Split, Festive Green, Flesh Pink, Flower bag, Geisha Doll – Red and Black, Geisha Dolls, Geometric lines, Golden Princess Purple, Green, Green, Pink, Blue, Green, Green., Pink and Blue, Grey, Half Blood Red / Half True Black, Half Blood Red, Half Soft Pink, Half UV Blue, Half UV Yellow, Half UV Purple Half Deep Blue, Lemon Drop, Limited Edition – UV Starry White with UV Purple centre swirl, LIMITED EDITION 1/2 UV Blue 1/2 UV Purple, Limited Edition Aubergine, Limited Edition Black and Gold, Limited Edition Blood Red and UV Green, Limited Edition Dark Red, Limited Edition Dark Teal, LIMITED EDITION Jungle Green, Limited Edition Lightest Pastel Pink, Limited Edition Midnight Blue/Green, Limited Edition Midnight Purple, Limited Edition Mint Green, Limited Edition Purple and White Swirl, Limited Edition Shimmering Gold and UV pink, LIMITED EDITION Shimmering Red, Limited Edition True Black and Very Dark Blue layer, Limited Edition True Black/Soft Pink layers, Limited Edition Turquoise, Limited Edition UV Blue and UV Purple, Limited Edition UV Blue and UV Yellow Swirl, LIMITED EDITION UV Orange with UV Blue outer shell, Limited Edition UV Pink and UV Yellow Swirl, Limited Edition UV Purple and True Black Swirl, LIMITED EDITION UV Purple with UV Orange outer layer, Limited Edition UV Turquoise, Magenta – red and purple mix, Mauve and Flowers, Oceania – UV Blue and UV Green swirl, Oil Slick, Orange, Pastel Baby Pink, Pink, Pink bag, Princely Purple and True Black, Princely Purple covered in Shimmering Gold, Purple dipped in Gold, Red, Red, White and Blue, SALE – 5 layers – Black, Blue, Purple, Red and White, Shimmer Blue and Grey Mix, Shimmeriing Gold & UV Pink, Shimmering Gold, Shimmering Gold & UV Blue, Shimmering Grey, Shimmering Light Blue, Short Shimmering Gold, Soft Pink in a True Black shell, Teal, True Black and Deep Blue, True Black and Soft Pink, True Black and UV Green, True Black and UV Orange, True Black in a Shimmering Gold shell, True Black with Red Topper, True Black with Shimmering Gold and Red Topper, UV Blue and UV Yellow layers, UV Green and Purple Split, UV Green, UV Starry White and UV Blue layers, UV Orange and True Black, UV Orange in a True Black Shell, UV Pink and UV Yellow, UV Pink, UV Blue and UV Green layers, UV Pink, UV Starry White and UV Blue layers, UV Purp, UV Green, UV Purp and UV Orange, UV Purple and Blue Swirl, UV Purple dipped in Gold, UV Purple/UV Green layers dipped in Gold, UV Starry White in a UV Pink shell, UV Starry White with a Blood Red Spill, UV Starry White with a UV Purple top, UV Starry White, in a UV Pink shell, UV Turquoise, UV Yellow and UV Blue, UV Yellow and UV Purple mix, UV Yellow/UV Pink layers, Very Dark Red, White and Purple Galaxy Swirl, Wine Red, Wine Red with True Black Shell, Yellow, 1 of each colour, 4-6 Colour Candle (Message with colour choices), 5 Pack – 1 of each colour, 5 Pack – msg with colour choices, Absinthe, Baby Pink, Blood Red & Shimmering Gold, Blood Red and UV Blue, Blood Red under Shimmering Gold, Camellia oil, Creamy White (uncoloured), Eggplant Purple, Eggplant Purple/Red Limited Edition, Emerald Green Limited Edition, Gingerbread scented Red, Hemp seed oil, Limited Edition Dark Mauve, Limited Edition Emerald Green, Limited Edition Heritage Green, Limited Edition Heritage Green Shimmer, Limited Edition Honeydew Green, Limited Edition Honeydew Green and Yellow, Limited Edition Light Blue, Limited Edition Mulberry Wine, Limited Edition Pale Mint Green, Limited Edition Pink and Yellow Swirl, Limited Edition Pink, Yellow and Green Layers, Limited Edition Shimmer Green, Limited Edition Teal, Limited Edition Teal and Emerald Green layers, Limited Edition Teal and White Shimmer, Limited Edition UV Blue and Shimmering White Mix, Limited Edition UV Green and Shimmering White Mix, Limited Edition UV Red, Limited Edition UV White and Blue, Limited Edition UV Yellow and UV Blue, Midnight Blue, Mulberry Wine, Orange Pop, Rainbow, Shimmering Bronze, Soft Pink, Stone White, Summer Love scented Green, True Black and Blood Red, UV Blue under Blood Red, UV Green, Teal and UV Starry White, UV Purple, UV Purple under UV Pink, UV Starry White under Emerald Green, True Black, Blood Red, Deep Blue, Princely Purple, White (Uncoloured), UV Starry White, UV Blue, UV Green, UV Yellow, UV Orange, UV Pink, 2-3 Colour Candle (Message with colour choices), 4-5 Colour Candle (Message with colour choices)