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Red Rigger is a collaboration between RedBear and Namaiki; two proud perverts with a passion for Japanese inspired rope bondage and wax play, among other things…

Located in Qld Australia, this duo have been roping for over a combined 20 years, and making their own soy candles and rope care products for about 7 years.

It began as these things usually do; finding it difficult to procure a steady stream of quality wax play candles in Australia (specifically the Japanese wa-rousoku style) and expensive to have them shipped from overseas, they decided to try their hands at making them for themselves and for friends.  The results and feedback were phenomenal, and Red Rigger was born.

Made from soy and vegetable waxes, Red Rigger Candles are a safe temperature on the skin, visually pleasing and so easy to use.
Red Rigger wax sets hard upon the skin, allowing easy removal with fingernails, a knife, floggers, canes….you get the idea 😉 and the colours are brilliant, made to stand out in photos, on stage and in low light conditions. The UV range produce a stunning visual effect under UV black-lights.

Red Rigger Candles are vegan and free from paraffin.  Packaging is simple and environmentally conscious.

Do you like to pour, drip or splash? Do you need candles for a performance? Red Rigger Candles are available in many different shapes and sizes, with varying temperatures (never too hot though) and functionality, so you can choose the ones that are just right for your needs.

If rope bondage is your thing, then Red Rigger’s rope oils, waxes and polishes will help to soften, smooth, protect and prolong the life of your natural fibre bondage ropes. Red Rigger also have a range of high quality bondage ropes and accessories available.

“We make products that we love to use, and we are confident that you will love them too.”

You can also find Red Rigger on Facebook and Fetlife.

Instagram – Namaiki_Shibari and RedBear79

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