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For the foreseeable future, orders will be dispatched once a week to minimise our human contact.  This, and expected delivery delays will mean a little longer waiting for your order to arrive.
Thankyou for your patience and understanding.


Red Rigger Rope School will start a new term from Monday 13th July!

But before that, we’ll start with free catch-up classes for current students (who missed the end of last term) and once we’ve completed graduation from last term, then we can accept new students 🤗

If you are a student from last term, please keep an eye out for an email from us.

We will be re-evaluating this position as the pandemic develops and recommended guidelines change.

Watch this space for updates.

Stay safe and soapy!

Brisbane’s Bondage and Wax Play Specialists

 Soy wax play candles.

Jute bondage rope.

Conditioning and care products for natural fibre bondage ropes.

Weekly classes, private tuition and small group workshops.

Performance artists for hire.

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