Red Rigger Rope School Stream 3 – Partial Suspension and Harness Continuation


Date & Time: Starts – Tuesday 3rd September – 5th November, with Graduation on the 12th November

8pm – 10pm

10 weeks + Graduation, every Tuesday.


Hamilton, Qld. Exact address provided after booking   

Cost: Individual class – $45 for two participants OR $400 for a full term of 10 x 2hr classes
Dress code: comfy casual

You must have completed Stream 2 or have taken private lessons covering Stream 2 content, before you can enroll in these classes.

Each full term and 1 class pass is valid for 2 participants and is non-refundable except under extreme circumstance.

Full description below.




Stream 3 will see us building upon our harness work from Stream 2 and starting our suspension journey with partials. A partial suspension, by Red Rigger standards, requires no less than half the body weight still on the floor.

This is a weekly class for returning Red Rigger Rope School students and you must have completed Streams 1 and 2 or have taken private lessons covering the required content, before you can enroll in these classes.

You may choose to attend as few or as many classes as you like but it is highly recommended that you attend all of the classes in each term for maximum benefit.

Individual classes are $45 and a full term of 10 classes is $400.  Each class and full term pass is valid for 2 participants and is non-refundable except under extreme circumstance.

The full 5 streams of Red Rigger Rope School will teach you Namaiki’s currently preferred harnesses, forms, sequences and techniques, all the way from beginners to advanced suspension.

Stream 3 (10 x 2hr classes) will include but is not limited to –

  • Beginning partial suspensions, line locking, line management, risk awareness and mitigation, etc.
  • Partial suspensions forms and sequences
  • Continuation of harnesses
  • Continuation of tension control and tying with intent
  • Exploring body mechanics in partial suspension
  • Practical exercises on rope and equipment care and maintenance
  • Risk awareness, assessment and mitigation for partial suspensions
  • Scening with partial suspension/tying with intent – it’s not just What you tie but How and Why you tie it

Class content may vary slightly, depending on the participants.

Participants are highly encouraged to take notes and photos during classes and to continue to train outside of classes.

Please bring along a camera/camera phone, a notepad and pen, a blindfold, a ring or carabiners and a min. 5 hanks of rope (7-8m each preferred), a safety cutter and a rope partner.

At the completion of each term, you will receive a certificate of completion and the option to take part in a class performance evening.

Your teacher Angela, aka, Namaiki is a co-founder of Labyrinth and the owner of Red Rigger Kinky Candles and Rope Care Products, which she runs alongside RedBear. They also run Peer Rope Brisbane Tuition and Play events.

Angela is passionate about rope bondage and has devoted the past 6 years to this particular fetish, seeking out and learning from the best local and interstate bondage presenters and selected international rope superstars.
Her style is rooted in the Japanese aesthetic and designed from a rope switch’s perspective. Although heavily influenced by her teachers over the years, she has developed forms, suspensions, transitions and her own take on sensuality, sadism and Domination through rope.


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