Rope and Body Oil – Organic Camellia Oil & Organic Hemp Seed Oil



Red Rigger Rope Oil is best used to initially treat new ropes and for maintenance, to keep your ropes soft, smooth and supple. The oil will penetrate jute and hemp ropes, nourishing them and helping to soften the rope and make it easier to handle.

Camellia Oil is light in colour, is easily absorbed and has minimal scent.

Hemp Seed Oil has a stronger aroma and darker colour.

We recommend Camellia Oil for jute ropes and Hemp Seed Oil for hemp ropes but you can use our oils however you like 🙂

COMPOSITION – Organic Camellia Oleifera Oil or Organic Hemp Seed Oil.

100ml bottle – $13 AUD
200ml bottle – $25 AUD


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So, you’ve just bought a new set of jute or hemp ropes for bondage, or perhaps your current set is looking and feeling a little worse for wear…

Red Rigger Rope Care to the rescue!

Our products will help to banish the fuzzies, and with regular use, will leave your ropes soft, smooth, supple and easy to handle.
Also, well maintained and conditioned rope, is safer and longer lasting rope; less friction = less wear and tear.

Red Rigger’s Rope and Body Oil is best used to initially treat new ropes. The oil will penetrate jute and hemp ropes, right to the core, helping to soften the rope up and make it easier to handle.

You may also apply whenever your current ropes start to feel dry and/or scratchy and after frequent or strenuous usage.

Simply apply to a cloth or hands and run over your rope slowly, starting with light pressure and increasing your grip steadily as you run the length of the rope. If needed, start again until evenly distributed. You may want to leave the ropes for a day or two, to let the conditioner melt in, though this is not necessary.


Additional information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 cm
Oil Type

Jojoba Oil, Camellia Oil, Hemp Seed Oil

Bottle Size

100ml, 200ml

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