Osaka 6mm Jute – 1 x 7m hank


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1 x 7m length of Osaka 6mm diameter bondage rope, which is untreated but lovely enough to tie with straight away.*

This rope is slightly thicker than 6mm to begin with, to allow for stretch and thinning out.

β€œIt is the closest so far to Japanese jute (asanawa). The lay (twist), weight and density is almost identical which gives it superb flexibility and handling right off the reel. Each ply of the 6mm (true 6mm) version is made from 9 yarns to give a fine and consistent rope. This combined with the lower density will make your ties, knots and frictions look very clean and sharp. At 15.7g per metre, this is fast, flickable rope.”
This rope has a loose twist and a very loose lay and as such it will need much care and consideration when using and will require more frequent maintenance. Suitable for gentler applications.
Not a beginners rope but well worth the effort.
Binding in the Japanese style uses a folded over length of rope, so an 8m length will be 4m folded over.
Can post or pick-up from Hamilton, Qld.
*for best results, always condition your natural fibre ropes and inspect and maintain/care for them regularly.

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm

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