Tossa Lite 5mm Jute – 1x 10m length


1 x 10m length of Tossa Lite 5mm Jute,

Top quality, strength and durability – 3-ply twisted, 100% natural jute rope.

The fibre ranges from pale gold to a reddish hue, depending on batch, but is always clean with minimal impurities and a slight sheen.

Its tighter twist creates a slightly stiffer rope which benefits more from wet treatment or lots of breaking the spine + singeing off the minimal fuzzies and adding oil and wax. However, it will break in and mature beautifully with just a bit of use.

This is an amazingly durable rope which just gets better and better with use. The tight double twisted yarns mean it resists ‘high-stranding’, i.e. going out of balance, and is very nicely defined.

This rope will not shrink much as it ages, staying around 5mm diameter throughout it’s life.


Binding in the Japanese style uses a folded over length of rope, so a 10m length will be 5m folded over.
*for best results, always condition your natural fibre ropes and inspect and maintain/care for them regularly.

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Why jute? It simply flies in your hands. Once you have used this jute, you won’t go back to hemp, which feels leaden and lifeless by comparison. It is strong, light and holds knots very well. It has little stretch, unlike cotton and most synthetics. The softness of this medium laid rope ensures neat, unobtrusive knots and sharp, clean rope work. What’s more, it is less likely to cause rope burn as natural fibre does not heat up so quickly when drawn across skin. Japan’s top nawashi almost exclusively choose jute and I’d trust their judgment.

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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm