Osaka Premium 5.5mm Jute – 1 x 8m length


1x 8m length of Osaka Premium 5.5mm Jute.

This rope is untreated but is soft and pliable right off the reel.

Due to the success of the new construction of our Tokyo Premium jute rope, this method is being extended to other products. The advantage is that it ensures more even tension between the yarns. This means that it stays in balance, thus requiring less maintenance and giving longer life. It also eliminates the faults that can occur when making single yarn ropes.

This rope feels and looks very similar to the old Osaka Jute, although it is a more golden colour and is softer and more pliable straight from the reel.

Finally! The feel of a loose laid single yarn rope without the short-life and high maintenance. No need for wet treatment. Each of the three strands has 6 sub-plies, each of 6 yarns. It is an accurate 5.5mm diameter off the reel and super-light at only 15.5g per meter. It is so soft that it only needs dry treating.


Binding in the Japanese style uses a folded over length of rope, so an 8m length will be 4m folded over.
*for best results, always condition your natural fibre ropes and inspect and maintain/care for them regularly.

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Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm

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