Column Candles


Our Column Candles are low-med heat and even suitable for beginners.
These freestanding candles are great for dripping, pouring and splashing and can be used to set the mood, before pouring lashings of delicious warm wax onto a willing body.

They are gentle enough to use, on even the most sensitive of areas 😉

Available in True Black, Blood Red, Princely Purple, Soft Pink, Deep Blue, UV Purple, UV Yellow, UV Starry White, UV Blue, UV Green, UV Orange, UV Pink and NEW Shimmering Bronze.
All our candles are handmade and hand poured in small batches, therefore colours may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Please choose which colour you would like from the drop down menu when ordering and please note that the green pictured, is NOT one of our regularly stocked colours, it is a custom colour, which is available upon request.

SIZE – approx. 200g

$20 AUD each incl. GST



Made from a special blend of botanical oils and 100% soy (no paraffin), our wax will quickly set hard upon the skin, allowing easy removal with fingernails, a knife, floggers, canes….you get the idea 😉

All UV colours glow brilliantly under blacklights.  If you can believe it, the colours are even more vibrant than they appear in this photo.

COMPOSITION – Homemade soy candles with added botanical oils and colour. No added fragrance, to minimize the risk of skin sensitivity.  Our candles are designed for safe, sexy and fun, kinky wax play. We use the best ingredients to create a candle that is safe on the skin, low-med temperature, visually pleasing and functional.

SIZE – approx. 200g each.


PRICE – $20 AUD each, incl. GST

Always patch test before use and do not use, if you or your wax partner are allergic to soy.

Do not get on clothing as candle colour may stain fabrics.
We recommend laying down a plastic drop sheet, old towel, or other material under where you will be dripping.

Due to the nature of soy wax, frosting may occur on candles. This does not affect the use of the candle or the colour when melted.

In summer/high temperatures, candles may melt slightly. Try to keep out of direct sunlight in hot weather and do not leave in the car for extended periods.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 cm

Shimmering Bronze, Soft Pink, UV Purple, True Black, Blood Red, Deep Blue, Princely Purple, UV Starry White, UV Blue, UV Green, UV Yellow, UV Orange, UV Pink