5mm Xtra Reinforced and Rated Jute – 7m length


7m of 5mm Asanawa Xtra.

“This rope is made from tossa jute, as used in Japan, and reinforced with synthetic fibre which gives a stronger rope that ages beautifully. This is the only natural fibre rope I have found with a manufacturer’s quoted breaking strain. The 5mm is rated at 130kg. It is ideal for applications where you don’t want to rely on the unpredictability of 100% natural fibre.

It comprises 3-plies, made up of double-twisted jute yarn, instead of the single yarns more common in Japanese rope, with added monofiliament synthetic yarn to create an extremely light, yet strong and durable rope.  It is similar to Tossa Asanawa in look and feel but comes up about 1mm over-size in diameter.

The fibres have a reddish hue and are always clean with minimal impurities.”

This rope is untreated and it is stiff, so it will need some work to break it in.

We recommend at least one piece of Asanawa Xtra in your kit, so you can always reach for a little more peace of mind when you need it

Binding in the Japanese style uses a folded over length of rope, so a 7m purchased length will be 3.5m folded over.


Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm